Resolution Run ‘Round the Bay

Running early in the morning on New Year’s Day seems like a great idea. Start the year off right, right? And it gives you incentive to take it easy the night before… well, in theory.

In reality, New Year’s Eve is for drinking and celebrating, and running the next morning is bound to be painful. After many beers – including a five-year vertical of 13+% bourbon county stouts with friends – and plenty of food, running even at 10 am seemed understandably crazy.

Last year, Rich, James and I pushed through and ran around Irondequoit Bay New Year’s morning. We took the easier way, shortening a normally 15-mile run to 13ish. It was our resolution run, and we planned to do it again this year.

No matter how bad I felt this morning, I was going to run. Rich and James…not so much. So I headed out on my own, knowing full well that the last few weeks of over indulging and barely running meant I would be walking pieces of the trek. And the ice made entire sections of sidewalk unrunable.

But I pushed through. The sun was shining, and the temperature edged over freezing. My legs were tired and my stomach felt heavy, but I was loving every minute of it. I recognized the entire way how lucky I am to be able to run (or run and sometimes walk) more than 13 miles in January.

Bay Road is always a tough run. There’s barely any shoulder, and cars drive far too fast. Running between the bay and the lake is at least 10 degrees colder and always windy. And the last two miles from Seabreeze to my house were completely unrunable due to ice. But I felt good, and at least I kept my resolution!

And so far, I’m averaging a half marathon every day in January! Not too shabby!