2016 Running Totals


According to my Garmin, I ran 1,184.5 miles in 2016. That is spread out over 202 activities (all runs outside or via treadmill, which counts, damnit!) for an average of 5.8 miles per run. (Side note: two years ago, I had never run 5 miles consecutively in my life.)

I ran every day in January last year despite fighting bronchitis. It seemed like a good idea and a good way to keep motivated. I will not be doing that again this year… days off are good.

A good portion of March and April was spent either trying to run through a nasty calf injury – which exacerbated the problem and caused knee and Achilles tendinitis – or taking time off to recover from the injury. This was my worst and most frustrating running-related injury.

My longest run last year was 31 miles. I also ran two marathons, and a good portion of the early months was spent training for my first. I am most proud of finishing the Rochester Marathon.

Last year, I started 2016 by running around Irondequoit Bay (13 miles). I plan to do it again this year.

It’s good to look back. More good things to come in 2017!

(Another side note: I originally typed 2017 everywhere in this post, as if I have already forgotten 2016. It was not a very good year. My brain is clearly ready to move on.)

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